9 January 2023

The art of caleghèri, a craft that gave prestige to the Republic of San Marco

The legend has it that the evangelist Mark, after his trip to Cyrenaica, arrived in Alexandria where he was forced to look for a shoemaker because one of his sandals had broken. He went to the workshop of Aniano who got injured while repairing Mark’s shoes. Mark miraculously healed him and Aniano decided to convert himself and got baptized. Since then, Sant’Aniano has been considered as the patron saint of the Venetian shoemakers.

4 January 2023

The shoe museum where every shoe has a history. 1350 women’s shoes on display at Villa Foscarini Rossi

Every shoe has a story to tell. A shoe it is not just an accessory to wear, it carries a wealth of curiosity and anecdotes that make it a real work of art. The 17th century Villa Foscarini Rossi, next to Villa Pisani, stands on the banks of the Brenta River and for almost thirty years has been housing the “Shoe Museum” built by Luigino Rossi, footwear entrepreneur. Opened in 1993, it testifies the evolution of the history of costume from the second half of the 20th century.

19 December 2022

The vogue of “Calcagnini”, the peculiar shoes that raised the feet of Venetian ladies 50cm above the ground during the age of the Serenissima Republic

Not only to avoid the phenomenon of high water and to dirty one’s clothes with mud, but also to restrict women’s freedom of movement. For over two centuries, the “calcagnini” o “calcagnèti” have been the most popular footwear in Venice and were a statement piece in Venetian ladies’ wardrobes, attracting the attention of foreigners. 

30 November 2022

The muschieri of the Serenissima, perfume alchemists that conquered the greatest courts of Europe

Seducing while concealing unpleasant odour. To do so, they used to smell wigs, clothes, gloves, body, fans, coins and the environments in which they lived. The musketeers were the holders of these secret recipes, which mixed rose, lavender, orange blossom, musk, ambergris and civet for which they were paid “handsomely” representing the privileged status and flourishing trade of Venice. 

24 November 2022

Dressed as Capitana da Mar, the statue of the Virgin Mary on top of Santa Maria della Salute has been watching over Venice and the lagoon for more than three hundred years

Majestic and solemn, wearing the armour of the “Capitano da Mar”, with one arm she clasps her son to her, with the other she brandishes a sceptre, a sign of power attributed to the commanders of the Venetian fleets. A figure that, for more than three hundred years, has been watching over St. Mark’s Basin, protecting the lagoon and the city with her loving gaze. The Virgin Mary of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute holds a special place in the hearts of the Venetians because in 1630 she saved them from one of the worst epidemics of plague, which brought the whole territory of the Serenissima to its knees.

22 November 2022

The Serenissima as the capital of perfumery: it was in Venice that the concept of modern perfume was born

At the end of the 13th century, the famous Venetian merchant and traveller Marco Polo returned home from China, bringing with him the glands of the musk deer, the animal from which the fragrant substance is obtained, as well as the description of how to extract it and use it. For Venice, it was the beginning of a great love story and a flourishing business that would continue for centuries.

14 November 2022

Half-meter high and decorated with nests, fruits and sculptures: wigs, a symbol of power and vanity in Venice during the 18th century

It was 1668 when the Venetian nobleman Scipione Vinciguerra di Collato, returning from a trip to Paris, took a walk in Piazza San Marco sporting on top of his head an accessory that, for the following century and a half, would dominate the Venetian fashion scene. It was the first appearance of the wig in Italy. Born to cover the baldness of the French king Louis XIII, this item soon became a sign of wealth and power, to show off on all worldly occasions.

24 October 2022

The moschete, baits of love used by Venetian women during the 18th century to communicate without words

“The last touch of a woman’s toilet is to look for and find the location for those in niches shaped like heart, moon, comet, crescent moon, star, fuzz. And what an attention to arrange gracefully these baits of love”. With these words Edmond and Jules de Goncourt described, in the book ‘The woman in the 18th century’, one of the many faces of the everyday life of women on the 19th century, the application of the mosques, the fake neo.

17 October 2022

A journey through the tricks and beauty rituals of Venetian ladies

It is a new day in 18th-century Venice, the sun has risen and its rays light up the calli and canals of the lagoon city. In some far-away salon of a palace, a Venetian lady sits at her dressing table, carefully inspecting every inch of her face in the mirror. A long and complex ritual is about to begin, between powders, wigs, ceruse and fake beauty marks.

13 October 2022

All around the Basilica of Saint Mark, archaeological investigations are bringing to light an ancient cemetery of the 14th and 15th centuries

History, politics, culture, and art are constantly intertwined in Saint Mark’s Square, which has always been the beating heart of the Serenissima. With its riot of domes, arches and sculptures, even the Basilica dedicated to the city's patron saint has had a long and rich life since the laying of the first stone, in the distant 832 AD. During the last year and a half, archaeological investigations related to the preservation works of the church have added another important piece to its history puzzle.

11 October 2022

Palazzo Mocenigo, where the history of fashion in Venice is told

Talking about fashion means touching transversally all those aspects that affect the life of every person. And talking about fashion in Venice means investigating a story of commerce, of distant routes, of sea and ships, of customs, of society, of pomp and laws to limit them.

4 October 2022

Named the most beautiful ship in the world, the 91-year-old “Amerigo Vespucci” docks in Venice for the 27th time. It is the oldest ship belonging to the Italian Navy

The historic ship “Amerigo Vespucci” has docked for the 27th time in Venice, on the occasion of the thirteenth edition of the "Trans-Regional Seapower Symposium of the wider Mediterranean" (XIII T-RSS), an international maritime forum to be held from 5 to 7 October at the Venice Arsenal, with an attendance of over 60 navies and 80 international organisations interested in maritime issues. Unicef ambassador since September 2007, the “Vespucci” was described by the Americans in the 1970s as "the most beautiful ship in the world

29 August 2022

The Venice International Film Festival turns 90, ready to rekindle the spotlight for the 79th edition

90 years and 18 thousand films have passed since the first edition of the Venice International Film Festival, which this year turns with style, creativity and courage to its 79th edition. A festival made of ups and downs, which in its long life has gone through a world war, the tensions of the riots of 1968 and the economic crises of the 80s and 90s. The festival, however, has never lost its independent and compelling spirit, which has created new spaces, shaped a new idea of Italian cinema and launched many future Oscars.

2 August 2022

The tradition of the votive bridge of the Festa del Redentore, the iconic waterway that for 445 years has been connecting Fondamenta delle Zattere to the Island of Giudecca

For 445 years on the 3rd Saturday of July, the Venetian tradition enlivens the Giudecca Canal: the installation of a 334 meters long temporary floating bridge, connecting Fondamenta delle Zattere and the Basilica del Cristo Redentore located on the island of Giudecca. Two waterfronts of Venice which are usually divided by the water of the lagoon. Iconic and unfailing it is the symbol of the Festa del Redentore. 

1 August 2022

A journey to Melara di Rovigo to discover the work of alchemists preparing fireworks for the Festa del Redentore

In the so-called “triangle of entertainment” there is a factory where thousands of fireworks are created. Flower-shaped colourful fountains of fire that light up the sky of Venice and hypnotise people who stare at the sky for 40 minutes. A skyline of water, boats, and colours that melts, recalling once more the ancient Serenissima Republic. It is by the expert hands of fifty employees of the Parente Fireworks in Melara di Rovigo, that more than 6 thousand fireworks are prepared, the ones that will be shot in the air on July 16th on the “notte famosissima” (the most famous night), the most awaited venetian event promoted by the Municipality of Venice in partnership with Vela spa.

5 April 2022

Peggy Guggenheim: the eccentric venetian dogaressa 

Brilliant, mysterious, and eccentric. In her eighties she was given the honorary citizenship and was proclaimed as the “last venetian dogaressa”. This is the title with which Peggy Guggenheim marked the history of a city that has more than 1600 years. ​

28 March 2022

Anita Mezzalira, the first Venetian woman politic 

In 1946, Anita Mezzalira became the first woman to enter the Office of assessor in a council of the city of Venice, a city that today celebrated 1600 years of its foundation. She devoted her whole life to her ideas, to a lofty idea of justice

4 March 2022

The history of Venetian masks from their origins to the present day

The tradition of masks is an important part of the history of Venice and its Carnival, which this year is celebrated from 12 February to 1 March and is part of the celebrations for the city's 1600thanniversary. Coloured, decorated, simple or more whimsical

18 January 2022

In the city of Dolo the source of the Doges flowed Venice blue gold

Dolo’s water, the so-called “blue gold”, was considered a real treasure for Venice and for this small village on the Riviera del Brenta. It was an essential good, a real lifeblood, which gave life not just to the people but to their economy as well

17 January 2022

In Venice, the Tessitura Bevilacqua, where velvet is still produced by hand according to the ancient techniques imposed by Doges

At the beginning it was the “sciamito”, a specific kind of velvet, similar to corduroy. Then, in the 1300s, some weavers from Lucca sought political asylum in Venice and, from that moment on, the tradition of craftmanship begun, a tradition that has maintained its relevance all over the world. In the 1500s, in the city of Venice, there were at least 6000 frames producing velvet with thousands of people working in laboratories or in their own houses.

28 December 2021

In Venice, during the last fifty years, a screen painting studio has been turning artistic works from all over the world into graphics

Ink jars, brushes, frames, and colors scattered everywhere. Paper sheets clustered in every corner, prints hanging from the walls, huge work tables. Set squares, brushes, and chisels. Getting into the Fallani screen printing workshop in Venice means joining a little hidden treasure, where day by day arts become alive to impress a paper sheet, keeping bearing witness of the history of a city that has 1600 years on its back.

28 December 2021

A journey to discover an unpublished version of a snowy Venice depicted on those vintage postcards exhibited in San Polo

When Venice wakes up under a blanket of snow, whitewashed on a cold winter day. In the headquarters of the Regional Command of the Italian finance Police, in Campo San Polo, a hundred of black and white postcards are exhibited while kept inside glass display cabinets, as real precious jewels. Some of them contain wishes or greeting messages written by hand, others are just shots of everyday life.

28 December 2021

The Serenissima Republic daily life described in 67 paintings by Gabriel Bella

“Il volo del turco '' (the flight of the Turkish), the Historical Regatta, the marriage of the sea, the Carnival, and the famous bull hunting. People are gathered along the shores and at their windows. There are parades and State ceremonies. In these 67 paintings there is the whole Serenissima Republic.

20 October 2021

In Japan typical sweets from the Serenissima

The road leading to the Paese del Sol Levante smells like eggs, milk, flour, and butter. From Venice to Japan passing through centuries of traditions. Venice is beloved all over the world, as a matter of fact. The fact that typical sweets are greatly appreciated

30 September 2021

Venice night shines again with art for its 1600 years 

On the anniversary of its foundation 1600 years ago, the venetian night shines again with art, for an inclusive and deepening experience in which venetians public and private cultural institutions will be involved in a free-admission marathon of events

28 September 2021

Pramaggiore: an age-long wine tradition

The time travel through the autumn of the 1600th year of Venice, started only a few days ago, has a stop into the ancient vineyard of the Serenissima, in the hearth of the D.O.C Lison-Pramaggiore area.

22 September 2021

Ateliers opened to celebrate 1600 years of craftsmanship

Sixteen hundred years of craftsmanship of excellence, of arts and culture. Sixteen hundred years of tailor’s hands, goldsmith, impiraresse (typical venetian word used to describe the work of women that used to sew jewels)

21 September 2021

Venice1600 turns into an interactive comic strip

A new project signed by Venice1600, dedicated especially to the youngest and aimed at illustrating the history of the Serenissima, with an outlook on the future. Every Thursday on the Official Instagram account of Venice1600

7 September 2021

A glass pearls gate Through celebrates Venice 1600 years

A gate for glass pearls art. “Through”, the work of art designed by architect Alessandra Gardin in partnership with the Comunità veneziana dell’arte della perla di vetro (Venetian Community for the glass pearl art)

27 August 2021

Venice: the city were the cinema floats

Until September 4th Venice is hosting the Cinema Galleggiante – Acque Sconosciute. From sunset until evening (18.00 to 23.00), when the city is transformed by lights that make locals and visitors seem as if they were lulled 

23 August 2021

The origin and evolution of the Venetian dialect

It is a dialect, although for centuries it has been defined as a language, able to influence the modern Italian language with several words which are still used today. This is what Lorenzo Tomasin, philologist of Venetian origins

23 August 2021

Scala Contarini del Bovolo, a hidden gem 

To see it, you have to look for it. As soon as you find it, the astonishment is inevitable. Stuck between narrow calli, the “Scala del Bovolo” - which in the venetian dialect means snail - is, due the breath-taking impact

23 August 2021

St. Mark's Day, feast of the rosebud

April 25, St. Mark’s Day, is also commonly known as “Festa del bòcolo” In fact, an ancient Venetians tradition handed down up to the present time, wants that exactly on this day men offer as a present a red rose bud 

11 August 2021

On the trail of Venice in the islands of Cherso and Lussino

On the trail of Venice among ramparts, a winged lion mark, flavours and smells that takes us back to the Serenissima. “Tracce veneziane nelle isole di Cherso e Lussino” is the photography exhibition created to celebrate Venice