22 September 2021

Ateliers opened to celebrate 1600 years of craftsmanship

Sixteen hundred years of craftsmanship of excellence, of arts and culture. Sixteen hundred years of tailor’s hands, goldsmith, impiraresse (typical venetian word used to describe the work of women that used to sew jewels)

21 September 2021

Venice1600 turns into an interactive comic strip

A new project signed by Venice1600, dedicated especially to the youngest and aimed at illustrating the history of the Serenissima, with an outlook on the future. Every Thursday on the Official Instagram account of Venice1600

7 September 2021

A glass pearls gate Through celebrates Venice 1600 years

A gate for glass pearls art. “Through”, the work of art designed by architect Alessandra Gardin in partnership with the Comunità veneziana dell’arte della perla di vetro (Venetian Community for the glass pearl art)

27 August 2021

Venice: the city were the cinema floats

Until September 4th Venice is hosting the Cinema Galleggiante – Acque Sconosciute. From sunset until evening (18.00 to 23.00), when the city is transformed by lights that make locals and visitors seem as if they were lulled 

23 August 2021

The origin and evolution of the Venetian dialect

It is a dialect, although for centuries it has been defined as a language, able to influence the modern Italian language with several words which are still used today. This is what Lorenzo Tomasin, philologist of Venetian origins

23 August 2021

Scala Contarini del Bovolo, a hidden gem 

To see it, you have to look for it. As soon as you find it, the astonishment is inevitable. Stuck between narrow calli, the “Scala del Bovolo” - which in the venetian dialect means snail - is, due the breath-taking impact

23 August 2021

St. Mark's Day, feast of the rosebud

April 25, St. Mark’s Day, is also commonly known as “Festa del bòcolo” In fact, an ancient Venetians tradition handed down up to the present time, wants that exactly on this day men offer as a present a red rose bud 

11 August 2021

On the trail of Venice in the islands of Cherso and Lussino

On the trail of Venice among ramparts, a winged lion mark, flavours and smells that takes us back to the Serenissima. “Tracce veneziane nelle isole di Cherso e Lussino” is the photography exhibition created to celebrate Venice