The online video performance “Mirano segreta” celebrates a bond with the Serenissima Republic

31 August 2021

Venice, August 27, 2021- The fifth edition of the yearly cultural and theatrical performative event (which previously was held in Mirano’s Belvedere Park, every May 1st), this year turns into a special online edition, taking part to the celebrations for the foundation of Venice, 1600 years ago. “Evasione tra le ville venete”, a video-performance designed to discover the historical park of Mirano, edited by the group “Mirano Segreta” and available on the Mirano City’s official YouTube channel and to the link

The event, which at the beginning was born to explore just the Castelletto of the Belvedere Park, this year, as a tribute to the 1600 years of Venice, explores the whole park and, above all, the Venetians villas built during the Venetian Rule, which had greatly influenced the architecture and the commerce of the city of Mirano.

From the beginning of the 1400s, when the city of Mirano was conquered by the Serenissima Republic, a close bond between the two cities was formed. The Venetian Rule determined a long time of peace during which the city reached its peak. During these years the agriculture field was improved and a lot of aristocratic villas, manors and rural houses, that can still be admired nowadays, sprang up. Between them are also those of the historical park of Mirano.

Villa Belvedere, Villa Morosini, and their parks, which are connected by a wooden bridge that is used to cross the “taglio” (a canal dug in the early 1600s, at the behest of Venice, with the aim of connecting the Muson river to the Riviera del Brenta), are just some examples. This allowed, for ages, a direct water connection between Venice, Mirano and Padua. This huge water engineering work eventually became a major sailing destination for Venetians and their businesses.

Due to the Covid19 emergency the performed visit is turned into an online performance, this allowed to enrich it with interesting historical notions regarding both the park itself and the relationship between Mirano and Venice. As to create a bond with the current situation, the group “Mirano Segreta” entitled the performance “Evasione tra le ville venete”, to underline how much we need culture, which a lot has suffered during the last year, to escape from reality and overcome the downsides of life, helping us reborn.

“Light and shadow do not exist in an absolute way: we must understand that they are both parts of the human being and of life, accepting them means discover what reality really is- says the group “Mirano Segreta”- this is what allow us to reach a higher consciousness, getting closer to our own soul and inner self”.

The main characters are the painter Viola Caregnato (as the Alchimista, symbolizing the body and the individual) the dancer Alexandra Foffano (as Nigredo, symbolizing death, shadow, evil and negativity), the dancer Sofia Fiume (as Albedo, symbolizing life, light, good and positivity), the dancer Giorgia Bortoloso (as Rubedo, symbolizing rebirth, reality, and the encounter between good and evil) and the singer Sara Allocca (philosophers store, symbolizing the soul).

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