50 posters on the Venetian walls telling the island and its 1.600 years of history

29 October 2021

Visiting Venice through black and white pictures when it is immersed in the fog, or when captured by a high-altitude shot. Or, why not, even seen through the balaustrades in San Giorgio Isle, or in a postcard shot of one of the most photographed bridges in the world, Rialto.

Historic monuments telling Venice are shown in an uncommon exposition, prepared along the city walls: 50 posters provide a Qr Code allowing the spectator who is just passing in front of it to become a photographer, at the same time.

The open air exhibition is called “Beauty promotion. Venice 1.600”, which reminds everybody the international promotion of the Serenissima realised by Enit – Nation Agency of Tourism.

By capturing the Qr Code shown on the posters, a specific section of the exhibition will appear, on the web-app tuaitalia.it. In this virtual space, any spectator can visualise some of the posters and challenge their personal knowledge concerning what Venice and its surrounding territory may represent.

“Beauty promotion. Venice 1.600” was born thanks to the cooperation between the sponsor and three institutions of the territory – the Municipality of Venice, Ca’ Foscari University, and the Venice Pavilion – on the occasion of celebrating the 1.600 years of Venice.

“The open air exhibition of Venice belongs to the project started in 2019, with the objective of enhancing its centennial and cultural heritage ENIT. It is composed of archival documents, among which authentic works of art, such as reproductions, original lithographies, and historical relics showing the evolution of Italian customs and traditions” - the President Enit Giorgio Palmucci sais.

The exhibition is divided into six sections: Art and architecture, Genre paintings, Celebrations and festivals, Isle and craftsmanship, Cortina, Territory, and Palladian Villas.

The historic posters are framed by a Venetian red background in order to celebrate the birth of the Serenissima, city of art currently hosting the whole exhibition. The pictures chosen to be exhibited are selected from Enit, the digital histotrical archive. They refer to black and white photos and posters of the ‘30s and ‘60s, and also to published historical journal covers of the ‘20s and ‘60s belonging to the agency.

Beyond the open air tour, the exhibition moves on paper: for this reason, a catalogue is being realised by containing the images of the open air exhibition together with a large section constituing a real journey through the ancient Venice.