Sunday, September 11th in Pisa, the 67th edition of the Palio of Ancient Maritime Rebublics

13 September 2022

Venice, September 8th 2022 – A week after the traditional Historical Regatta, on Sunday, September 11th at 18 o’clock, in Pisa will take place another highlight of the annual calendar of the rowing season: the 67th edition of the Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics. The event recovers the 2020 edition, which was cancelled due to the pandemic Covid-19.

After a race concluded at the photo finish behind the triumphant Amalfi in the last edition of June, the Venetian athletes are ready for the rematch, and are back, ready to compete in the fresh waters of Tuscan River Arno.

Same crew, same hunger for victory, fueled, in part, by the recent victories of two athletes of the Venetian galleon, the brothers Jacopo and Mattia Colombi who triumphed in the last edition of the Historical Regatta. Winner in the queen of the gondolini with two oars Jacopo, who achieved the prestigious red flag together with Andrea Ortica. Red flag also for Mattia, who defeated opponents in the competition of caorline six oars, wearing the t-shirt of the City of Caorle.

The Venetian crew will descend into the waters of Pisa to conquer a victory that has been missing since 2019, when Venice triumphed for the 34th time at home, and especially after the second place in Amalfi. Once again at the helm Stefano Morosinato, followed by Davide Stefanile, Sebastiano Carrettin, Pietro Cangialosi, Mattia Colombi, Nicola Zorzetto, Gustavo Ferrio, Tommaso Santi and Jacopo Colombi. Ready to take over in case of need Davide Menegazzo, Gabriele Bastasi, Lorenzo D’Ambrosi and Giovanni Poli.

A challenge that will stretch over 2 thousand meters, which will see the Venetian green galleon compete against Pisa, Amalfi and Genoa. The calm water of the Arno River hides though many pitfalls. The four galleons in the race, in fact, will not start from a common starting block, but rather from slightly staggered positions at the height of the Aurelia Bridge, in order to run equally the final curve, which is a few meters from arrival in Scalo dei Renaioli. Moreover, on Saturday, September 10th at 16:30 along the Arno River will be held the competition of the rowing Palio with mixed crews, where the City of Venice will be represented by the all-female crew of the Venetian Universities – CUS Venice. 





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