A brochure to illustrate Venetian palaces in which the offices of the Ministry of Culture are located

24 September 2021

Venice, September 24th, 2021- A brochure describing both the historical, ancient, and contemporary locations which today host, within the Veneto region, the offices of the Mibact (Ministry of Culture): different types of offices including 7 national archives, 4 national libraries, 4 superintendencies, 16 national museums and 1 regional-coordination administrative office. The initiative was taken by the Regional Secretary of the Veneto Mibact and falls within the celebrations for the 1600 years of Venice. 

The brochure is enriched with specific photos and short texts illustrating the several locations of the Ministries of cultures, giving the chance to discover the locations of the regional branch offices of the Ministry and of its different institutional tasks carried out by the central authority, namely the Mibact, in the Veneto region, all aimed toward the protection, promotion, and enhancement of the Italian cultural heritage, as laid down in Article 9 of the Italian Constitution. In such a way it would be possible to discover that buildings which today are used as museums, archives, libraries, and public offices, and that in the past were noble and patrician residences, headquarters of secular and religious institutions, and, in some cases, even if more recents,  equally full of history. The main goal is to introduce the Mibact as a deeply rooted regional reality which needs to be promoted and protected, and that is divided in several offices, depending on the task: museums preserve and promote artistic heritage, while superintendencies protect cultural heritage and landscapes, administrative offices supervise state interventions on cultural heritage and provide with the support to the owners of cultural assets, then archives and libraries preserve and promote knowledge of the written cultural legacy.

As explained by the regional secretary of the Veneto Region’ Ministry of Culture, Renata Casarin, “the celebrations for the 1600 years from the foundation of Venice, provide the opportunity for the Veneto regional secretariat to promote the branch offices of the Ministry within the region. The legend about the birth of Venice gives the opportunity to the city itself, and to the whole region, to exploit a period of exceptional cultural, economic, political, and social development that still today occurs, with the help of our architectural structures, both the secular and religious ones, and of our staff, which is directly involved in the national cultural heritage. Article 9 of the Constitution, the cornerstone of all the countries, protects material and non-material evidence of the society. We could say that the Serenissima Republic of Venice, by establishing its own magistracies, over time and space always pursued this purpose. Today, as in the past, the city of Venice and the Veneto region, goes on in their path of promotion and protection of their cultural heritage”. 

In the brochure you will discover all the peculiarities of several location, between them: the regional Secretariat based in Venice (Ca’ Michiel delle Colonne), the State archive of Belluno (located in Santa Maria dei Battuti), the State archive of Padua (inside the Civic Museum of the city) the State archive of Rovigo, Treviso, and Venice (located inside the former convent of the Friars), as well as the State archive of Verona, Vicenza. The “Marciana” National Library of Venice, the State and University libraries of Padua, the Museum of the Veneto Regional Directorate (located in the hearth of Venice, in St. Mark’s Square), the Accademia Galleries (on the “Island of Charity”), the Venice Superintendence for Archeology, Fine Arts and landscape (in Palazzo Ducale), as well as the headquarters of the Superintendence of Belluno, Padua, Treviso, Verona, Rovigo, and Vicenza.