A series of video to rediscover the history of Malamocco and celebrate Venice birthday

14 October 2021

Venice, October 13th, 2021 – Archaeological findings, artifacts, tools that date back to the XIII century and testimonies of the ancient history of Malamocco are the main characters of a series of videos realized to value the museum of the island of the venetian lagoon and to celebrate Venice birthday in a very important year for the city and its 1600 years of history. Testimonies gathered in the 90s during digging works at Campo della Chiesa in Malamocco and preserved today in the museum of the island, will again be part of the cultural debate thanks to the intervention of several prominent personalities of the Venetian cultural, political and historical world in order to try to guard not only objects, but also the collective memory, tracing back the ancient history that paved the way to the foundation of the city of Venice and to a symbol of its lagoon: the island of Malamocco.

The project “Museo Transformer da Metamauco a Malamocco”, developed from an idea of MarVe - Marine archaeology research Venice & EVR – Equipe Veneziana di Ricerca (Venetian research team) in partnership with the Associazione culturale Prometeo di Padova (Prometeo cultural association of Padua) and the Compagnia teatrale Teatro del Go di Venezia (Theatrical Company Go of Venice), directed by Franca Zannoni and Francesco Coralli, edited by Daniele Zoico, owner of the Danto Production, begins on October 15th with the release of a video every week for 6 weeks in a row, until November 19th. 

Videos on the Transformer Museum will be published on MarVe - Marine archaeology research Venice social media pages (InstagramFacebookTwitter e YouTube). These videos will entertain both fans and people that are just curious to know more with fun facts, little stories and explanations about some exhibition paths that will include both the story of Malamocco and the story of Venice, with an approach that looks at the future of archaeological research and emphasize the importance of the enormous cultural and archaeological heritage of the City of Venice.

“Capitan Pipa” will be the mascot of the event recalling, in an animated version realized by Rachele Coralli, Commander and founder of the MarVe association Roberto Padoan.

Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/625347533/643b43a90e