Venice: the city were the cinema floats

27 August 2021

Venice, 25th August 2021 – Until September 4th Venice is hosting the Cinema Galleggiante – Acque Sconosciute. From sunset until evening (18.00 to 23.00), when the city is transformed by lights that make locals and visitors seem as if they were lulled by waters, a unique film festival is taking place. Where the soil is drier, in the back side of the island of Giudecca – where the Rio Sant’Eufemia ends – the project by Edoardo Aruta and Paolo Rosso has been developed; a project presented by Microclima and that this year has been included within the celebrations for the 1600 years of the city of Venice.

At the program of the Cinema Galleggiante – Acque Sconosciute, forty-five institutions and associations will also contribute in developing a series of projections, performances and interventions that have as main topic the physical, emotional and imaginary journey. The festival takes shape through several stages during twelve evenings starting on August 20th, each of which is characterized by a specific theme.

Not only movies but also speeches will take place at this event. Cristina Giussani will give a speech about marine cartography ( August 27th) whilst Emanuele Garbin from the IUAV University of Venice will present an astronomical metaphor by Victor Hugo, inviting the public to pretend to look at the night as if they were on the moon ( August 31st). Maria Ida Bernabei and Andrea Mariani from the Università degli Studi di Udine will deep dive into the 90s science fiction movies, revising them with an avant-garde perspective ( September 1st). Eventually, amateur filming production documenting the legendary Nobile’s 1928 expedition to the north pole will also be shown ( August 26th).

The event that will mark the end of the festival “La caparbia convinzione in ciò che non si avvera” will be presented by writer Chiara Valerio (4th September ) and will be followed by travel videos from Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo early 1900s’ private archive. A performance by the drummer Heiko Dijker (tabla) and Lenneke van Staalen (violin) will be played in the background.

On August 27th, Invernomuto will present Black Med – Chapter I, a listening session that focuses on music and sounds that move through the Mediterranean Sea. Started in 2018, Black Med is a work in progress program: a new chapter will be presented later in October at Ocean Space of TBA21-Academy. This new production was commissioned by TBA21-Academy as part of its project The Current III “Mediterraneans: ‘Thus waves come in pairs’ (after Etel Adnan)”, presented by Barbara Casavecchia.

TOCIA! Cucina e comunità, will be in charge of organizing the delicatessen section. TOCIA! is a multidisciplinary program created by Chef Marco Bravetti that, according to the topic that will be presented along, will be joined by several other chefs working in the lagoon, to create an experiment of collective, popular and dedicated cuisine, also involving sustainability.

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