To celebrate the Serenissima 1600 years, the Casa del Cinema of Venice is to organise events to honour the deep bond between the city and the art of filmmaking 

11 January 2022

Cinema in Venice and Venice on the screen. Masterpieces, movies that reported on the screen the history of the city that since 1932 has been invading the cinema halls of the Lido di Venezia with its world premieres and local production that, still today, continue to tell the story and the beauty of a city whose story is 1600 years long. It is precisely on this important occasion that the Casa del Cinema of Venice will organise, in partnership with the cultural department of the Municipality of Venice and the Circuito Cinema, a set of meetings, which will materialise into an imaginary journey carried out by experts of this field that will take the public through the discovery of the deep and ancient bond between the Serenissima and the art of filmmaking. 

From January 12th to February 16th, every Wednesday at 5pm, at the Casa del Cinema on the ground floor of Palazzo Mocenigo in San Stae, Mario Isnenghi, Carlo Montanaro, Gian Piero Brunetta, Michele Gottardi, Paolo Lughi, Marco Caberlotto e Lucio Scarpa will take part to debates that will go through the story of Venice, the story of the city as film set, the origins of filmmaking, the story of the Venice Film Festival and thoughts over the contemporary cinematography and the venetian movie sets. 

As a matter of fact, Venice welcomes the art of filmmaking: its architecture, its charm, and its beauty, through decades have offered countless ideas to transform the tiny calli, canals and campielli into a movie set en plein air. For the first time in history, on October 25th, 1986, the Grand Canal became part of a movie scene. It was Alexandre Promio, the director who decided to use the Grand Canal as a set for the scene of the short film “Panorama du grand Canal pris d’un bateau”. Since then, it has attracted thousands of global known film directors who have chosen Venice as the setting of their movies, many of which have marked the history of filmmaking. Today, according to experts, there are about seven hundred movies set in the city, some of which has been considered as real masterpieces, such as “Senso” by Luchino Visconti, “Giulietta e Romeo'' by Castellani, the unforgettable “Venezia, la luna e tu” by Dino Risi and’“Anonimo veneziano” by Enrico Maria Salerno.

The program provides an event every Wednesday from January 12th to February 16th, where people will talk about “Una storia senza memoria”, “Prima dei Lumière, verso il cinema come spettacolo collettivo”, “Una storia del cinema a Venezia”, “La Scalera Film a Venezia”, “1932-2022: 90 anni di Festival” and “Produrre e distribuire a Venezia, l’esempio di Kublai Film”. 

Admission is free in accordance with seats availability.

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