The State of art: in Cividale del Friuli a contemporary circus honors the Serenissima Republic

5 October 2021

Venice, October 1, 2021- Not a classic re-enactment but an event made of architectural installations and a live performance by a contemporary circus, all to remember the 1600 years from the end of patriarchy and to celebrate Venice’s founding, 1600 years ago. Although the “Patria del Friuli”, from 1420 onwards, was no longer a State but an autonomous province under the Venetian rule, the territory maintained its own parliament and blooming artistic activities that characterize the short period during which Friuli fell within the territories of the Venetian mainland. Exactly to investigate the origin of its relationship with the Serenissima, the Department of culture of the municipality of Cividale del Friuli organized “Lo Stato dell’arte” (the State of art), an event that brings, on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October, circus performers, coming from Spain and Finland, in what once was the capital of the first Lombard Duchy of Italy. A two-day program created to explain the cultural roots of Cividale and its history under the Republic of Venice. 

The event will begin with the slow walk “Lo Stato dell’Arte”, scheduled on October 2, at 3 and 5PM. An activity made to discover, starting from the archival research of Professor Angelo Floramo, but also to attend a performance which will involve 11 artists, organized by “Circo all’inCirca”, with the artistic direction of Davide Perissutti. On stage seven contemporary circus performers, two musicians, a dancer, a storytelling actor and a group of sculptors, will take the audience from the Arsenale Veneto- symbol of the Serenissima- to Borgo Brossana, emblem of the ancient medieval fortifications which the Principality built during its domain. Two places enclosing the journey that eventually led to the merger of the Patriarchal State with the Venetian Republic. Together with the circus, music, dance, and the art installation of “Centro Arti Plastiche Fvg, will present, in their own way, stories of people and places. The day will end at 8.30PM with the contemporary circus performance, in the Church of San Francesco, which will see on stage the Soon Circus Company Nilas Kronlid (from Finland) and Manel Roses (from Spain). The day after will again begin with the walk “Lo Stato dell’Arte”, at 11AM and 4PM, while at 9PM a concert organized by the musical association “Sergio Gaggia”, will take place in the Church of San Francesco. During the concert a talk, about the archival works from which the artistic performances took a cue from, will also be presented. 

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