Venice night shines again with art for its 1600 years 

30 September 2021

Venice, 30th September 2021 – On the anniversary of its foundation 1600 years ago, the venetian night shines again with art, for an inclusive and deepening experience in which venetians public and private cultural institutions will be involved in a free-admission marathon of events that will take place in more than 120 cultural sites. Museums open, installations, exhibitions, theatrical plays, laboratories, team games and concerts will be the main characters of an event that, for 10 years, has allowed Venetian citizens to touch, live and breathe, for one whole night, art, and its countless forms of expression. Designed and coordinated by Cà Foscari University of Venice, in partnership with the Municipality of Venice and the Veneto Region, Art Night Venezia comes back on Saturday October 2nd, together with the Nuit Blanche in Paris. Several will be the events, guided visits, activities and shows planned as an ode to the city, to celebrate its 1600 anniversary (421-2021).

The event begins at 16.30 inside Cà Foscari courtyard, with institutional greetings that will be followed by celebrations for Venice 1600 years with the video installation Venezia 3021, a virtual simulation of Venice in the future designed by Silvia Burini. Realized by Vitruvio Virtual Reality by means of computer graphics, the short film will be on screen at 22.30 and will reproduce, digitally, paintings, pictures, engravings, and other artistic materials collected by the research group Venice Imago Project. The visual project will be completed by a publication that will allow, through a mobile phone app, to live and prolong the emotions of Bernardo’s paintings. 

From 17.00 to 20.00 the exhibition spaces at Cà Foscari will be theatre of a team game entirely dedicated to Venice’s birthday: The Game of Venice 421-2021 e la sfida continua. 1600 years of history of the city in the lagoon will be summarised beginning from Venezia in numeri, una storia millenaria, a book by Alberto Toso Fei and will become part of the quiz and challenges with anecdotes, traditions, and famous venetian characters. 

“Through”, displayed inside the Niobe courtyard in Cà Foscari, will be another homage to Venice. A site-specific installation owned by the Comitato per la Salvaguardia dell'Arte delle Perle di Vetro Veneziane (Committee for the safeguard of venetian glass pearls) entirely dedicated to the art of pearls and to the valorisation of the pearl community, pearl artists and impiraresse, part of the World Cultural Heritage Site. Designed by Architect Alessandra Gardin, the installation is composed of one gate whose sides are decorated with 1600 glass pearls, produced and threaded in Venice and Murano. Pearls are handcrafted in shades of aquamarine and amethyst, which also represent the colours and shades of the lagoon.

Throughout the event, space will be given to the topic of feminine entrepreneurship with the photographic exhibition “Stupefazioni'' by Alessandra Chemollo in the courtyard of Cà Foscari and realized in partnership with LEI - Leadership, Energia, Imprenditorialità (Leadership, Energy, Entrepreneurship). Several will be the guided visits organized by Ca’ Foscari Tour A(r)t Night, to discover tiny venetian architectural jewels such as Cà Dolfin and its stunning great hall, which will take place at 17.00, 18.00 e 19.00. Reservation is mandatory. 

The Venetian night will continue at the S. Margherita Auditorium, with a theatrical play at 20.30, titled Al Sogno! Dante sogna/Sogna Dantean ode to Dante Alighieri realized for the 700th anniversary of his death. Once the play will be finished, a video with several drawings representing Dante by Alberto Martini will be shown, with the help of Cameranebbia and live electronic music played by Federico Costanza in the background. Actress Francesca Sarah Toich will also join. 

The Metropolitan City contributes to the initiative by postponing the closing time of both the Museum in Torcello until 19.30 and the Insane Asylum Museum of San Servolo with two additional visits at 17.00 and at 18.00, which could be booked until Friday 1st October at 14.00 on: the very same island, it will be possible to visit the installation "Senza Terra / Pomerio" event part of the 17° Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia and the exhibition "Acque e terre, dipinti e land – art" by Ettore De Conciliis. 

The access to ArtNight events will be free of charge. The reservation is mandatory on the website of Art Night Venezia or by the app MyPass Venezia. Green pass, social distancing and face mask are also mandatory.

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