A glass pearls gate Through celebrates Venice 1600 years

7 September 2021

Venice, 6th September 2021 – A gate for glass pearls art. “Through”, the work of art designed by architect Alessandra Gardin in partnership with the Comunità veneziana dell’arte della perla di vetro (Venetian Community for the glass pearl art) represented by Comitato per la Salvaguardia dell’Arte delle Perle di Vetro Veneziane (Committee for the Safeguard of Venetian Glass Pearls Art). Set up within Palazzo Pemma-Zambelli (headquarter of the Aquarius hotel located in campo San Giacomo de l’Orio), “Through” celebrates Venice 1600 years as one of the most famous craftsmanship that last December was recognized by the Unesco: the glass pearls.

Each side of this masterpiece is made of 1600 glass pearls (different in size) created, put through and smoothed both in Venice and Murano. Pearls are handcrafted in shades of aquamarine and amethyst, which also represent the colours and shades of the lagoon.

It has the shape of a curtain that, symbolically, represents the endless path of the glass pearl art, the tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another and so, the connection between past, present, and future. “Through” is a choral work which can be found in one of the gates inside Palazzo Pemma Zambelli’s court, and it has been inspired by some values in which the Comunità dell'Arte delle Perle identifies itself, such as: human creativity, collaboration, handicraft knowledge transmission, enrichment, the continuous recreation of the cultural heritage, inclusion, and sustainability in accordance with nature and the environment.

The artwork will be exposed until September 12th.

To know more: www.arteperlevetro.org


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