A cycle of meetings at the “Ateneo Veneto” to celebrate and remember the main stages of Serenissima 1600 years long history

11 January 2022

Wars, battles, revolutions, victories and defeats: all the most important moments of Venice history, since the 13th century up to the 19th century, became the main characters of this cycle of meetings, all organized by the Ateneo Veneto during the celebrations of Venice 1600th anniversary. The purpose is to investigate and remember the history of the city in a new and different way. 

Every Wednesday, from January 12 to February 2, starting from 5.30 PM in the Aula Magna of the Ateneo Veneto, in Campo San Fantin, will take place “Storie di Venezia- Guerre, battaglie, rivoluzioni: 1204, 1509, 1571, 1797, 1848” (Venice Stories- Wars, battles, and revolutions:1204, 1509, 1571, 1797, 1848). Alberto Viggiano, of the University of Padua, will lead a number of lessons during which scholars and experts will embark the public on a path of knowledge among the most important phases of Venice history and all the territories touched by its economic, political and military power. 

Each lesson will focus on one, or more, specific crucial year in Venice's social, political and cultural evolution, showing some of the most important turning points in its history. 

The fall of Constantinople, during the Fourth Crusade, Venice greatest expansion in 1204, the Battle of Agnadello during the Italian Wars, the lost for Venetians of their mainland territories which they had conquered since the 14th century, the win in the Battle of Lepanto, one the mayor event in the history of the conflict with the Ottoman Empire for the control over the Mediterranean, the end of the “Aristocratic Republic” with the establishment of the democratic municipality of the city in 1797, and the democratic revolution. All these will be taken into account during the meetings. 

Lessons will be open to the public free of charge subject to availability, EU digital COVID certificate is required as well as wearing a mask. It will all start on January 12 with an introduction by Director Alfredo Viggiano (University of Padua), followed by Giorgio Tagliaferro (Warwik University) speech on “Constantinople 1204”. On Wednesday, January 19, will be the turn of Luciano Pezzolo (Ca’ Foscari University) with its report about “Agnadello 1509”, and then on Wednesday, January 26, Walter Panciera (University of Padua) will talk about “Lepanto 1571”. Last but not least, on Wednesday February 2, Michele Gottardi (Ateneo Veneto) will lead the meeting concerning the main events of 1797 and 1848. 

Lessons will be later available on the YouTube channel of the Ateneo Veneto.