Ateliers opened to celebrate 1600 years of craftsmanship

22 September 2021

Venice, 21st September 2021 – Sixteen hundred years of craftsmanship of excellence, of arts and culture. Sixteen hundred years of tailor’s hands, goldsmith, impiraresse (typical venetian word used to describe the work of women that used to sew jewels), rowers, typographers, carpenters, paper artists, decorators, glassmakers, and dressmakers. Those hands that built the greatness of the Serenissima and that, still today, can tell a long-lasting history of creativity and “know-how”. 

Venice is the city of artisans, it’s alive and productive and it’s a city of knowledge handed down from generation to generation that tells its story through its own places: campi, calli and campielli take the name from those artisans that have always been the strength of the Serenissima. And so, by means of walks through ateliers, “Venezia da vivere” celebrates the 1600 years from the foundation of the city and promotes the city artisans’ passionate work. 

From Thursday September 23rd to Sunday September 26th “Atelier aperti” will show to the public the precious and priceless creative heritage of the city. An invitation to discover and pursue the beauty and high quality of handmade products, created by venetian talents, keepers of the history of Venice. Laboratories and ateliers will be open to the public for four days to show how their products are made. 

“Few know that Venice is the city of pottery and that several young women practice this art – says Laura Scarpa from Venezia da Vivere – indeed, pottery used to be a flourishing art in the city. Campiello Squelini, for instance, takes the name from the artisans that used to produce bowls there; artisans that were gathered within the congregation of the Bocalieri. Moreover, we will visit the studio of Jacopo Robusti known as Tintoretto that, in the XVI century, lived and worked here, in addition to the several laboratories including wax, printing as well as studios dedicated to fashion, design, jewels and the art of glassmaking”.

Visits, which will also be live on Instagram, will be divided for sestieri: on Thursday, printing, painting, and glass pearls making ateliers in Dorsoduro will be visited. On Friday, paper and flower composition arts, dressmaking, contemporary art, and wood design will be discovered in Santa Croce. On Saturday, handmade jewels, knitwear, fashion, and wood design will be shown whilst on Sunday, visits will be focused on Cannaregio and Castello with sustainable fashion, wax, typography, pottery, organic food, home décor and tailoring atelier. 

Ateliers Opened is part of the Venice Fashion Week, the event that promotes Venice as a centre of production and creativity that this year will take place from October 8th to October 23rd

The admission is free upon mandatory reservation at or contacting the atelier. Instagram lives available on @Veneziadavivere. 

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