Venice in two minutes: brief extracts about the history of the city to celebrate 1600th Venetian anniversary

23 November 2021

Short stories in order to tell the Serenissima over its 1.600 years of history. Brief videos lasting two minutes each, concerning curious topics which would interest a wide foreign audience. So as to celebrate the 1.600th anniversary of the foundation of Venice, from November 23, once a week, Best Venice Guides tour guides in cooperation with the videomaker Gianguido Perzolla, will publish a series of promotional videos to emphasise the endless facets of the ancient Venice on their YouTube channel and Facebook official page. The aim is to highlight its dynamism, prosperity, and cultural mastery. For example, art, show business, craftsmanship, fashion, beyond the astonishing fascination shown by the lagoon and the exquisiteness of the Venetian culinary traditions.

Nine videos will be released and translated in English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. All of them will contain English subtitles, so as to reach a globally widespread audience. Besides, the purpose is to make people aware of the varied prosperity belonging to the Venetian identity, unique in the world.

Thanks to these videos, beyond celebrating old and recent glories, Venetian guides will raise awareness in the audience regarding the fragility of this lagoon city by promoting an environmentally conscious, respectful, and eco-friendly tourism.

The videos will deal with the following topics: the Venetian gardens, the music of the “putte”, the gondola, the marbled paper, the masks, fashion and fabrics, Venetian mirrors, and local cuisine.

As follows, you will find the link of the first video containing the presentation of the overall project.