Venicemarathon 2021: a 42km race through the Venetians villas of the Riviera del Brenta up to the heart of Venice

12 October 2021

Venice, October 4, 2021 - A unique path, one of the most suggestive marathons in the world, that runs through the original landscape of the Venetians countryside until the heart of Venice. 42km and 195 meters made of sport, art, history, and culture. The Venicemarathon reaches its thirty-fifth edition this year, during the anniversary for the celebrations of the 1600 year since the foundation of the city. Not just a race, but a meeting point for thousands of athletes from all over the world. A big date, internationally recognized, to which the organizers decided to dedicate a special tribute, a medal especially made for the 1600 anniversary of Venice, designed by the famous American graphic designer Milton Glaser. Engraved on it “Venice 421-2021” and the imagine of the winged lion, representing St. Mark in the role of a runner, with jogging shoes on its feet. A collector’s piece that will be hung around the neck of each competitor, at the end of both races, the 42km and the 10km. 

Running the Venicemarathon means running through the art and history of Venice, an unmatched path in the whole world, a place full of historical, cultural, and environmental suggestions, such as the Venetian villas overlooking the Riviera del Brenta. 

The starting line is one of the most famous Venetian villas, Villa Pisani in Stra: the majestic eighteenth-century work once belonging to the Pisani noble family. The first part of the path touches some of the most breathtaking aristocratic residences of the Riviera: from the sixteenth century Villa Badoer-Fattoretto, belonging to the trader and Politician of the Serenissima Giacomo Badoer, through the eighteenth-century Villa Widman and the eclectic Villa Fernanda, also known as the “fairy house”, due to its late gothic architecture style, up to Villa Foscari, called La Malcontenta, a real jewel designed by the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1994.

Passing the milestone of the half-marathon, the race comes alive near the city of Marghera and then continues toward Mestre, along the brand-new multimedia museum M9. Two more kilometers toward Parco San Giuliano and the athletes of the short distance race, the VM10K, join the marathon to run the last stretch, the most special and evocative that, crossing the Ponte della Libertà ( a narrow strip made of asphalt and Istrian stone of almost 4km), brings the runners to the port area of Venice. Here athletes run on the “Zattere” quaysides (alongside the Giudecca Canal), reaching Punta della Dogana, where they cross the Grand Canal over a purposely built floating bridge. After the “honor lap” around St. Mark’s Square, under the shadow of the Campanile (Bell tower) and next to the Doge’s Palace, the final push leads in Riva Sette Martiri, where the finish line waits for the athletes. 

The Venicemarathon is a big event dedicated to the world of running but it also promotes the healthy values of sport. This year, for the fourth consecutive, the Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace, beyond playing the role of godmother of the event, will take part to the “Venicemarathon Charity Program”, a fundraising project promoted by the non-profit association that she founded “Disabili No Limits”, aimed at supporting sports practices among people with disabilities. 

An extremely charming race, therefore, both for the runners and for the spectators. A route that spurs and enchants, thanks to the beauty of the Venetians landscape, allowing the public and marathon to savor the taste of the race while surrounded by one of the most suggestive scenarios in the world. But, above all, a race that allows athletes, now more than ever, to run along the history of the Serenissima Republic. Villas, rivers, canals, gardens, little views and monuments full of the great charm that this city, and its 1600 years, has.