Venice1600 turns into an interactive comic strip

21 September 2021

Venice, September 3, 2021- A new project signed by Venice1600, dedicated especially to the youngest and aimed at illustrating the history of the Serenissima, with an outlook on the future. Every Thursday on the Official Instagram account of Venice1600 (@venezia1600_official) a three-cartoons comic strip will be published, giving followers the chance to “vote”, through likes, which narrative path will follow. The resulting history will thus be created in a shared way, by engaging readers in choices and plot points of the strip. 

Venice1600 means experimentation and innovation, an open attitude towards news and creativity which characterizes our city, allowing Venice to be “the oldest city of the future”. Culture, art, and freedom of expression have always been a part in this kind of attitude, and so we want to make some room for a project that melts with graphic novels, a means of cultural development and a new form of social aggregation, that for decades now has been able to express high-quality works, using new technologies, and letting the public take part into a new creation, sharing the narration. Taking inspiration from role-playing and interactive games, “Venezia1600- la striscia a fumetti” (Venice1600- the comic strip) will ask readers to choose how the events of the characters will evolve during their journey throughout the history of the Serenissima. 

The graphic side is developed by Remer Comics, the organizers of Venezia Comix and other cultural events related to comics, and by the authors Fabrizio Capigatti and Diego Bonesso. This project, divided into four monthly editions for ten months, allows comics fans, from smaller to bigger, to use social networks to get involved in building together a path that has Venice and its millennial history on its background. A different way to know and learn, through direct involvement and the use of new social channels.