The heroic deeds of Captain Francesco Morosini told in a Rai Cultura documentary

13 September 2021

Venice, September 13th, 2021- Yesterday at the Venice Arsenale was presented, as national premieres, the 54 minutes Rai Cultura documentary celebrating the heroic deeds of Captain Francesco Morosini, a significant piece of the Venetian Republic history. Entitled “Francesco Morosini- il Peloponnesiaco” it will be broadcasted on Monday 13 September at 21.10 on the Italian channel “Rai Storia”. 

The project takes part in the remembrance celebrations for Francesco Morosini, which are now reaching their conclusion, a tribute to him as a leading personality which, with his heroic deeds, played a pivotal role in the history of Venice, and so was included in the program of the celebrations for the 1600th years since the foundation of the city. 

The celebrations for the 400th year of Francesco Morosini took place On February 26, 2019 at the Doge’s Palace, in Venice, to commemorate the last of the great Venetian Captain, as well as one of the most important and significant character in the history of the Venetian Republic and its maritime traditions. Born in 1619, Francesco Morosini was the 108th Doge of Venice, from 1688 until his death in 1694. A great naval strategist, he was four times appointed Captain-General of the Venetian forces. Over time two submarines, a cruiser, and the Military Naval School on the Island of Sant’Elena, were dedicated to him by the Navy, for his feats of courage and bravery. 

From the synergy between the main Venetian cultural institutions, the Navy and the “Guardia di Finanza” Commands of the lagoon, were born the celebrations for the Morosini Anniversary, consisting in the creation of a rich cultural itinerary made of exhibitions, meetings, concerts, events and multimedia productions which have taken place for over two years both in the heart of the city, and in the Venice mainland, in Marghera, Mestre and Este, thanks to the support of several other institutions. The main goal was to commemorate this huge character, restoring his memory through the promotions of cultural events and drawing attention to the history of Venice, not just in its role as cradle of art but also as leading character in the Mediterranean, on a cultural and commercial level, as one of the strongest fortresses of the Christian World and connection between the Hellenic and Eastern world. 

On this occasion, Venetian Heritage Onlus, has funded the restoration of the tomb of Francesco Morosini, in the church of Santo Stefano in Venice. The restoration activities are summarized in a specially made video-clip, a further evidence of the collective participation toward the protection and the enhancement of the cultural, artistic, and historical heritage of Venice. 

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