European Day of Languages: in Venice a videotape to celebrate the 1600 years of the city

23 September 2021

Venice, September 22, 2021 - Helping us to reflect on the relevance of learning languages in order to increase our personal growth and on the value of linguistic and cultural diversity, as a part of an intangible heritage to love, respect and protect. “The European Day of Languages' ', and Venice- multilingual and multicultural city since its origins- will join the celebrations dedicated to the 1600 years since its foundation, with the purpose of enhancing and promoting the culture of the Serenissima Republic. It’s called “Venezia plurilingue. Ieri come oggi: aperta all’altro” (Venice, a multilingual city. Then as now: open to others). 

The day’s schedule will be open by the institutional greeting at 10AM and will close with the projection of the theatre show “La donna del fuoco”, dedicated to Marietta Barovier, a modern, innovative, brave woman and entrepreneur, bearer of the craftsmen and glassmakers’ secrets. The artist that stands behind the particular glass design “Perla Rosetta”.  In addition to many different activities and speeches, which will involve professors and students from the University of Venice, throughout the event a videotape realized to celebrate the 1600 years from the foundation of Venice will be presented by Francesca Vianello (head of the Europe Direct-Eurodesk for the Municipality of Venice) and Eugenia Sainz (representative for the “Third Mission” of the department of Languages and Cultures Compared Studies, Ca’ Foscari University). In the morning the winner of the competition “Put your mask on and tell Venice”, which involved students of the Veneto region performing the history of the city, will also be announced. 

The event will be fully live streamed on the Official YouTube Channel of the Ca’ Foscari University (YouCaFoscari) and will remain available for the following days.